Unisoft Intelligent Shop Floor Manufacturing Software

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  1. Import virtually any combination of GERBER, CAD, X/Y CENTER & BOM files.
  2. Parts cost and assembly estimation reports to aid quotation of jobs, etc.
  3. Rapidly generate setup files to program your Assembly, AOI inspection, ATE Test machine and Selective Soldering equipment (numerous additional outputs offered).
  4. Create process assembly documentation aids and matching job kitting labels.
  5. Blink and check off by part number for speedy first article inspection.
  6. Total solder joint count for Defect Per Million Operations (DPMO) report.
  7. Create a standardized Bill of Materials to aid Part Sourcing, MRP, ERP, etc.

More: Free shop floor PC Board viewer for the general inspection, assembly, rework, repair, design areas, etc. Aids fast PCB repair by technicians via instantly finding pins, components, shorted traces and hot linked schematic to PC Board assembly, etc. The viewer is also on hand for improved communications with customers and vendors.

More: Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) for shop floor job and product tracking.

Affordably priced software with subscription, purchase or rent options.

A great number of Unisoft clients are Electronic Manufacturing Service providers (EMS/CEM). We are delighted that Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS/CEM) providers prefer the Unisoft software because they have some of the highest technical manufacturing requirements, they need to move product swiftly and keep costs very low to bid competitively. We can do the same for you!

On-line demonstrations are offered anytime to evaluate the Unisoft software using your data files or ours!

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